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Design 2050 (2011) for CNA. A 30’ doc looking at the future of design.

A Crisis Within (2010) for CNA. A 50’ doc about people from both sides of the April/May 2010 political demonstration in Bangkok, Thailand.

Nominated for Best News Documentary at the Monte Carlo Awards, 2011.


Taiwan TVC (2009) for BBC & Taiwan Tourist Board. 30” & 60” TVC shot on Red Camera. (FCP)

Taiwan TVC

Labour's Gambling Addiction (Dispatches 2007) for C4. A 48’ doc looking at the debate surrounding super casinos in the UK.


From Gawker to Stalker (2006) for five. A 60’ doc looking at celebrity obsession and stalking.


Murder Squad (2006) for ITV 1. Five part series about the Metropolitan Police Murder Squads.

Brand New You (2005) for five. Two programmes from a series of eight about women having plastic surgery.

Profiting from the Kids in care (Dispatches 2004) for Channel 4. A 60’ investigative doc looking at the exploitation of loopholes in the Child Care industry.

Karbala: City of Martyrs (2004) for C4. A 90’ observational documentary following pilgrims to the Shia festival of Ashura and the events of the day in Karbala, Iraq.


Dispatches: Killing for Honour (2003) for C4. A 50’ Documentary/investigation into Pakistani honour killings.

Suspicious Minds (Elvis Presley Rerelease 2007)


Written by Peter Potts
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