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BBC Films

Panorama – Racing’s Dirty Secret (2008) for BBC 1. A 60’ special investigation into online gambling and horse racing. (Avid)


Panorama – The Economic Pinch (2008) for BBC 1. A 30’ doc looking at the effects of the economic downturn. (Avid)

Panorama – Bottled Water, Who Needs It? (2008) for BBC 1. A 30’ doc looking at the fad of Bottled Water. (FCP)


Panorama – The Mystery of Madeleine McCann (2007) for BBC 1. A 60’ special detailing some of the case around the abduction. (Avid)


What’s Really in Our Food – Ready Meals (2007) for BBC 1. A daytime show looking into the quality of ready meals. (FCP)

Panorama – How I Became A Muslim Extremist (2007) for BBC 1. A 30’ doc about Shiraz Maher and Islamic Fundamentalism. (Avid)


How Young Can I Get (2007) for BBC 3. A 60’ doc about the anti-aging industry in the UK.

The Money Programme – Domestics (2007) for BBC 2. A 30’ doc about the rise of domestic workers in the UK. (Avid)

Panorama – Princes, Planes & Payoffs (2007) for BBC 1. A 30’ doc about the corruption scandal of the Al Yamahma arms deal. (Avid)


The Money Programme – Once More With Ealing (2007) for BBC 2. A 30’ programme about the revival of Ealing Studios. (FCP)

Sky Cops (2006) for BBC 1. A 60’ ob doc about the Met Police Air unit.

Panorama – 3 Commando in Afghanistan (2006) for BBC 1. A 43’ ob doc with 3rd Commandos during their tour of Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

Undercover: Football’s Dirty Secrets (2006) for BBC 1. A 62’ Panorama Doc looking at the murky world of football deals. (Online and Offline editing)


Digging Deep (2006) for BBC 1. A 30’ Ob-Doc style gardening show helping people get new lives from new gardens.

Tony’s Tight Spot (2006) for BBC 2. A Michael Cockerell report about the British presidency of the EU.

Britain’s Streets of Booze (2005) for BBC 1. A 45’ doc looking at the lives of two recovering alcoholics and the causes of alcoholism.

Britain’s Streets of Slavery (2005) for BBC 1. A 45’ doc looking at child trafficking and slavery.

Britain’s Streets of Poverty (2004) for BBC 1. Two 45’ docs looking at Elderly and Rural Poverty. Produced by Adam Grimley.

Empire Warriors – The Hunt for Kimathi (2004) for BBC 2. A 60’ drama/doc looking at the Mau Mau uprising in Kenya.


Beyond Conspiracy: The Kennedy Assassination (2003) for BBC 2. A 90’ Documentary revealing the truth behind the murder. Won viewers poll for best doc.


Diet Junkies: Gurus (2004) for BBC 2. A 60’ documentary investigating the history of diet Gurus.

Blair at 50 (2003) for BBC 2. A 50’ review of the life and career of Tony Blair for his fiftieth birthday.

Friends Like These (2003), Part 2 “Don’t Mention The War” BBC 2. A 60’ Michael Cockerrel insight into UK relations with Germany.

World’s Most Powerful: Celebrity (2003) for BBC 2. A 40’ comparison of Oprah & Madonna.

Kenyon Confronts (2001) for BBC 1. Investigative 3 x 29’ shows, R.I.P., Greyhounds and Charity Cheats.


Lifting the Bonnet (2002) for BBC 2. Investigative 3 x 29’ shows Licence to Con, Buyers Beware & Salvage.

Panorama – The Housing Ladder (2002) for BBC 1. A 40’ show producer Rabinder Minhas.

Panorama – The Cost of Living in Sin (2002) for BBC 1. A 40’ show producer Fiona Gough.

Kenyon Confronts (2003) for BBC 1. Investigative 1 x 29’ show, Paedophiles.

Crooked Britain (2003) for BBC 2. Investigative 2 x 29’ shows Unfit Meat and Going, Going, Gone.

Written by Peter Potts
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