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Al Jazeera English Films

Indonesia: Hearts & Minds (2009) for Al Jazeera. A 45’ doc following Rageh Omaar as he looks at Islam in Indonesia. (FCP)


Pakistan’s War – ‘The Battle Within’ & ‘On the Frontline’ (2008) for Al Jazeera English. Two 45’ films looking at Pakistan’s role in the War on Terrror. (Avid)

The Battle Within On The Front Line

Power Play in Pakistan (2007) for Al Jazeera. A 43’ doc about President Musharraf and the Pakistani Judiciary crisis. (Avid)

Power Play

Witness: Inside the Red Mosque (2007) for Al Jazeera. A 43’ ob doc about the 2007 Siege in Islamabad, Pakistan. (FCP) Nominated for an International Emmy.

Red Mosque

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