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Clockwise (2010) for Distribution in Qatar.

Post Production Supervisor & Re-editing for final Music cues.

Dir: Khalifa Almuraikhi, Prod: Sony Suzuki.



UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour of Asia (2011).

Interviews with Steve McManaman and Christian Karembeu and

directing B-Roll of Bangkok for the final edit.



Into The Future (2011) for DCI.

A 45’ doc about the future developments in communications.

Design The Future 2050 (2011) for CNA.

A 30’ doc looking at the future of design.

How Stuff Works – Soy (2010) for DCI.

A 45’ doc looking at the multiple uses of Soy beans.

Monster Fish – Khone Falls, Laos (2010) for NGC.

A 50’ doc as Zeb Hogan looks at the Mekong river system.

Thailand In Crisis (2010) for CNA.

A 50’ doc about people from both sides of the April/May 2010

political demonstration in Bangkok, Thailand.

Surviving Typhoon Morakot (2010) for DCI.

A 50’ doc meeting survivors from the devastated areas of Taiwan.

Monster Jellyfish (2010) for NGC.

A 50’ doc about the Jellyfish in the waters around Japan. (FCP)

Monster Fish - Sawfish (2009) for NGC.

A 50’ doc following Zeb Hogan as he tries to find the largest Sawfish

in the Fitzroy river in NW Australia. (FCP)

Indonesia: Hearts & Minds (2009) for AJE.

A 45’ doc following Rageh Omaar as he looks at Islam in Indonesia. (FCP)

Monster Fish - Stingray (2009) for NGC.

A 50’ doc following Zeb Hogan as he tries to find the largest Stingray

in the rivers of Thailand. (FCP)

Pakistan’s War – ‘The Battle Within’ & ‘On the Frontline’ (2008) for AJE.

Two 45’ films looking at Pakistan’s role in the War on Terrror. (Avid)

Panorama – The Economic Pinch (2008) for BBC 1.

A 30’ doc looking at the effects of the economic downturn. (Avid)

Panorama – Racing’s Dirty Secret (2008) for BBC 1.

A 60’ special investigation into online gambling and horse racing. (Avid)

Panorama – Bottled Water, Who Needs It? (2008) for BBC 1.

A 30’ doc looking at the fad of Bottled Water. (FCP)

NB: This was the first Panorama film to be onlined on FCP.

Power Play in Pakistan (2007) for AJE.

A 43’ doc about President Musharraf and the Pakistani Judiciary crisis. (Avid)

Panorama – The Mystery of Madeleine McCann (2007) for BBC 1.

A 60’ special detailing some of the case around the abduction. (Avid)

Second Editor to Adam Richardson.

Panorama – How I Became A Muslim Extremist (2007) for BBC 1.

A 30’ doc about Shiraz Maher and Islamic Fundamentalism. (Avid)

What’s Really in Our Food – Ready Meals (2007) for BBC 1.

A daytime show looking into the quality of ready meals. (FCP)

Witness: Inside the Red Mosque (2007) for AJE.

A 43’ ob doc about the 2007 Siege in Islamabad, Pakistan. (FCP)

Nominated for an International Emmy.

The Money Programme – Once More With Ealing (2007) for BBC 2.

A 30’ programme about the revival of Ealing Studios. (FCP)

The first film I edited on FCP.

Panorama – Princes, Planes & Pay-offs (2007) for BBC 1.

A 30’ doc about the corruption scandal of the Al Yamahma arms deal. (Avid)

The Money Programme – Domestics (2007) for BBC 2.

A 30’ doc about the rise of domestic workers in the UK. (Avid)

How Young Can I Get (2007) for BBC 3.

A 60’ doc about the anti-aging industry in the UK.

Dispatches – Labour's Gambling Addiction (2007) for C4.

A 48’ doc looking at the debate surrounding super casinos in the UK.

Panorama – 3 Commando in Afghanistan (2006) for BBC 1.

A 43’ ob doc with 3rd Commandos during their tour of Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

Sky Cops (2006) for BBC 1.

A 60’ ob doc about the Met Police Air unit.

Undercover: Football’s Dirty Secrets (2006) for BBC 1.

A 62’ Panorama Doc looking at the murky world of football deals.

Online and Offline editing

Digging Deep (2006) for BBC 1.

A 30’ Ob-Doc style gardening show helping people get new lives from new gardens.

From Gawker to Stalker (2006) for five.

A 60’ doc looking at celebrity obsession and stalking.

Murder Squad (2006) for ITV 1.

Five part series about the Metropolitan Police Murder Investigation Squads.

Tony’s Tight Spot (2006) for BBC 2.

A Michael Cockerell report about the British presidency of the EU.

Naked Science: Moon Mysteries (2005) for NGC.

A 60’ doc looking at the Moon’s effects on the Earth.

Britain’s Streets of Booze (2005) for BBC 1.

A 45’ doc looking at the lives of two recovering alcoholics and the causes of alcoholism.

Naked Science: What’s sexy? (2005) for NGC.

A 60’ doc looking at the science behind sexual attraction.

Britain’s Streets of Slavery (2005) for BBC 1.

A 45’ doc looking at child trafficking and slavery.

Brand New You (2005) for five.

Two programmes from a series of eight about women having plastic surgery.

Dispatches – Profiting from the Kids in care (2004) for C4.

A 60’ investigative doc looking at the exploitation of loopholes in the Child Care industry.

Britain’s Streets of Poverty (2004) for BBC 1.

Two 45’ docs looking at Elderly and Rural Poverty. Produced by Adam Grimley.

Empire Warriors – The Hunt for Kimathi (2004) for BBC 2.

A 60’ drama/doc looking at the Mau Mau uprising in Kenya.

Karbala: City of Martyrs (2004) for ITN/C4.

A 90’ observational documentary following pilgrims to the Shia festival of Ashura

and the events of the day in Karbala, Iraq.

Diet Junkies: Gurus (2004) for BBC 2.

A 60’ documentary investigating the history of diet Gurus.

The Kennedy Assassination: Beyond Conspiracy (2003) for BBC 2.

A 90’ Documentary revealing the truth behind the murder.

Won viewers poll for best doc.

World’s Most Powerful: Celebrity (2003) for BBC 2.

A 40’ comparison of Oprah & Madonna.

Friends Like These (2003) Part 2 “Don’t Mention The War” for BBC 2.

A 60’ Michael Cockerrel insight into UK relations with Germany.

Blair at 50 (2003) for BBC 2.

A 50’ review of the life and career of Tony Blair for his fiftieth birthday.

Dispatches: Killing for Honour (2003) for C4.

A 50’ Documentary/investigation into Pakistani honour killings.

Crooked Britain (2003) for BBC 2.

Investigative Series. 2 x 29’ shows Unfit Meat and Going, Going, Gone.

Kenyon Confronts (2003) for BBC 1.

Investigative Series. 1 x 29’ show, Paedophiles.

Panorama – The Cost of Living in Sin (2002) for BBC 1.

A 40’ show producer Fiona Gough.

Panorama – The Housing Ladder (2002) for BBC 1.

A 40’ show producer Rabinder Minhas.

Lifting the bonnet (2002) for BBC 2.

Investigative Series. 3 x 29’ shows Licence to Con, Buyers Beware & Salvage.

Kenyon Confronts (2001) for BBC 1.

Investigative Series. 3 x 29’ shows, R.I.P., Gone to the Dogs and Charity Cheats.



Suspicious Minds - Elvis Presley.

For the 2007 Re-release of the single.



Taiwan - 100 Ways to Touch Your Heart (2009) for BBC & Taiwan Tourist Board.

30” & 60” TVC shot on Red Camera. (FCP)

Tennis Equipment & Clothes. (2005)

For cinematic release in India. (FCP)

Halifax Building Society. (2005)

For TV broadcast in the UK. (FCP)



Brands South East Asia. 2010

Interstitials that were onlined with Chinese Subtitles and Commentary, as well as English versions.

Written by Peter Potts
© PJP 2011 Email me